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General Questions
Q1.  Is the sword blade sharp?
A1.  Traditionally blades were never sharpened unless a battle was imminent. It is our policy never to sharpen blades, for reasons of safety and appearance for parade grounds.

Q2.  What does the star like symbol represent on some sword blades?
A2.  The interlocking triangles sometimes seen on older blades made by Wilkinson Sword is a mark originally used by Henry Wilkinson. This mark represents the interlocking triangles of the armourer -  an ancient symbol.It was used extensively by Wilkinson Sword in the 19th Century and was widely copied by other manufacturers and as a result has fallen out of use. As far as we are aware there is no association with the Star of David. It has since been replaced  by our proof the company logo, proclaiming the authenticity of each Crisp & Sons Sword.

Q3.  What is the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel blades?
A3.  Stainless steels are alloys of steel that contain at least 13% chromium. The most well known effect of chromium as an alloying element of steel is to improve corrosion resistance, hence the name. Where maximum performance is required from a blade, however, carbon steels are a better choice, as superior edge-holding and toughness characteristics can be achieved, assuming the correct heat treatment process is used.

Q4.  Do you loan or hire swords out?
A4.  Unfortunately, we cannot loan or hire out our swords.

Q5.  Can you repair old or damaged swords?
A5.  We do offer a refurbishment service. For further information about our refurbishment service and to see how to send your sword to us for inspection please click here.
Q6.  Can you give valuations?
A6.  If you have an old Wilkinson sword, or a military pattern sword of good quality we can only supply a replacement value. We are unable to supply valuations on the basis of current market value. If you wish to obtain a valuation you should consider contacting a reputable auction house or militaria dealer.

Q7.  Can I trace the history of an old Sword?
A7.  The only known records are those of the Wilkinson Sword archive which go back as far as 1805, and include information on Wilkinson guns and swords, but not bayonets, knives or other items, which were unnumbered. Archives are sorted by serial number and without the serial number there is little they  can tell you. Since Wilkinson Swords Closure a copy of the records are held by, www.armsresearch.co.uk.


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