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Military Sword Questions
Q9.  Do you have different sword lengths?
A9.  British military pattern swords are fixed lengths,as specified by the British MOD, However we can supply different blade length's upon request.

Q10. What are the standard blade inscriptions? Where are they on the sword?
A10. There are no standard inscription wordings but most have the name of the owner and date of commissioning, i.e.  S.A Brown, 1 May 2003. The inscriptions are made on the flat of the blade in a special panel within the blade- etching pattern.

Q11. Should my blade inscription be etched or engraved?
A11. British Military blade patterns and inscriptions are traditionally acid etched not engraved, please seek advise  before taking your blade to have it engraved.

Q12. What is the sword blade made of?
A12. British pattern blades are made from high grade carbon steel blade made to Crisp & Sons own specification.

Q13. What happens once my order has been placed for a sword?
A13. Crisp & Sons will send sales acknowledgement by mail, email or fax, confirming the details of your order. Please check the sales acknowledgement carefully and advise if there are any discrepancies. A 10% deposit is taken on all individual military pattern swords, with the remaining amount taken prior to shipment. Shipment is between twelve to sixteen weeks after order confirmation. The sword will be couriered to your specified delivery address.

Q14. What are the Australian, Canadian and other Commonwealth countries, Navy an Air Force swords?
A14. These swords are identical to the UK Pattern Swords as shown on the website. Blades can be chrome plated for an additional cost.

Q15. Are British Military Sword Swords plated and should I plate my blade?
A15. In a word, no.  If the plating becomes damaged corrosion will occur underneath, it also spoils the etching.

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