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Q21. Do you stock refurbished swords?
A21. We rarely hold refurbished swords in stock due to demand outweighing supply.

Q22. How much is a refurbished sword?
A22. We mainly source these swords from auction therefore we cannot predict the final price, Illustrated guide prices are based upon previous average selling prices only.

Q23. How do I order a refurbished sword.
A23. You register your interest with Alex who will place your name on the list, Once a sword becomes available it will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Q24. How long will it take for you to find one?
A24. It depends on what the market has to offer, it could be a week it may be six months!!

Q25. Will the sword be ready to ship once I have place my order.
A25. No, once the order has been confirmed the sword will be scheduled for refurbishment, This allows for the addition of an inscription or regimental badge if the blade is to be re- etched and the sword to be delivered fresh from refurbishment.

Q26. I still haven’t heard anything from you?
A26. In which case one has not yet become available.

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