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Sword Refurbishment Quotation Questions
Q31. How long will it take?
A31. A standard refurbishment currently takes upto 16 weeks, however this can vary and we do not guarantee completion date’s on this type of work unless agreed for a specific event.

Q32. My quote states you cannot guarantee the etching pattern will be identical?
A32. If the sword is made by Wilkinson or has been etched by Wilkinson for the maker or retailer we have access to the original master plates used when the sword was first made. If the sword was etched by any other historical company we will match the type of pattern as closely as possible. If you wish we are able to recreate patterns directly from the blade although this will add considerably to the lead time and cost.

Q33. My quote states you cannot guarantee the removal of all rust and pitting?
A33. We endeavor to remove all rust without compromising the integrity of the blade or component, if the rust has penetrated deeply it may return over time which bears no consequence on our craftsmanship.

Q34. My blade is rusty, can you polish the blade and retain the original etching?
A34. Polishing will only brighten the surface and may reduce the depth and visibility of the etching, black rust or tarnishing will not be removed from the etched areas. In order to remove rust and tarnishing the blade must be reground and therefore will require re-etching.

Q35. Will you provide updates during the course of the refurbishment?
A35. We do not provide updates. You will be advised during the final stage of refurbishment the sword is due for completion and will asked to confirm shipping details and arrange final payment.

Q36. Why does a refurbishment take so long?
A36. We are the last remaining company still specialising in this type of delicate and highly skilled work and therefore demand for our services is always high. We currently operate with an average waiting time of eight weeks before work  commences, the average cycle  time for the refurbishment work also requires eight weeks.

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