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  Blade Grinding   Polishing
Crisp and Sons blade polishers are specifically trained in the refurbishment of blades, as this is a highly skilled process. Depending on their condition, older blades can be re-polished to a high level of finish providing there is no heavy corrosion and tarnishing to the etched areas. Should the etched areas have suffered corrosion the blade may require re-etching.

Crisp and Sons still traditionally etch the blades by hand, using wax and acid. This ancient art utilises British Military Blade patterns and regimental badges dating back more than 200 years. We are the only company authorised to use the original Wilkinson etching plates as well as having the UK's largest library of British Military blade patterns spanning back centuries and covering many of the manufactures no longer with us today.

We have also recently developed a technique for the recovery of antique blade etching patterns from heavily rust damaged blades enabling the replacement and re-etching of unique and individual patterns rarely seen today.
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